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The Central Virginia Transportation Planning Organization (CVTPO) is a forum for cooperative, continuing and comprehensive transportation planning.  The CVTPO area includes the City of Lynchburg and the urbanized areas of Bedford, Campbell and Amherst counties.  The CVTPO considers long-range regional projects and combines public input, technical data and agency collaboration to develop innovative improvements for the area’s transportation network.

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The Central Virginia Planning District Commission (CVPDC), in coordination with VDOT and DRPT, is developing a Commuter Needs Study. The Study will span the entire CVPDC area, and will identify current commuting patterns, the transportation needs of both commuters and businesses, and will be used to guide future decision-making as we allocate transportation funding through the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). In addition, the results of the Study will influence the programming and operations of our current Commuter Assistance Program (CAP). 

The development of the Study will include public outreach through surveys, public meetings, interviews with local stakeholders, and will be guided by a Steering Committee. The anticipated timeline for development and completion of the Study is shown below. 

Beige Minimal Business Timeline Diagram Graph 1

For questions or to provide feedback on this project, please contact Ada Hunsberger, Regional Planner at Ada.Hunsberger@cvpdc.org

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