The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) sets a collective vision for the region’s future transportation system and identifies projects that are intended to achieve regional goals and objectives. The plan considers all modes of surface transportation: including cars, trucks, public transit, biking, walking, and more. LRTPs can also address issues such as bridge maintenance and air travel. These plans must be updated every five years; the most recent LRTP is called Connect Central Virginia 2045.

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Executive Summary

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Planning Context and Background

Chapter III: Public Engagement

Chapter IV: State of the System

Chapter V: Demographic and Land Use Trends

Chapter VI: Goals and Performance Measures

Chapter VII: 2045 Performance-based Process

Chapter VIII: 2045 Deployment and Implementation


Appendix A: Project Score Sheets

Appendix B: Environmental Resource Screening

Appendix C: Public Participation Plan

Appendix D: Mindmixer Lessons Learned

Appendix E: Public Meeting Notes

Appendix F: Summary of Related and Cited Planning Documents

Appendix G: Intersection Analysis

Appendix H: Development of Evaluation Matrix


Long Range Transportation Plan 2040

Long Range Transportation Planning 2035


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