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The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) sets a collective vision for the region’s future transportation system and identifies projects that are intended to achieve regional goals and objectives. The plan considers all modes of surface transportation: including cars, trucks, public transit, biking, walking, and more. LRTPs can also address issues such as bridge maintenance and air travel. These plans must be updated every five years; the most recent LRTP is called Connect Central Virginia 2045.

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Executive Summary

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Planning Context and Background

Chapter III: Public Engagement

Chapter IV: State of the System

Chapter V: Demographic and Land Use Trends

Chapter VI: Goals and Performance Measures

Chapter VII: 2045 Performance-based Process

Chapter VIII: 2045 Deployment and Implementation


Appendix A: Transportation Glossary

Appendix B: Short Range Transportation Plan

Appendix C: Summary of Existing Plans

Appendix D: Public Engagement Plan

Appendix E: Public Engagement Documentation

Appendix F: Modeling Documentation

Appendix G: Project Evaluation Process

Appendix H: Project Score Sheets

Appendix I: Rural Transportation Plan Projects List

Appendix J: Intergovernmental Review

Appendix K: Port of Virginia Presentation

Appendix L:  Constrained Budget Methodology


More Information

The Connect Central Virginia 2045 Dashboard reflects the work completed as part of the CVTPO's Long Range Transportation Plan Update, extending the planning horizon from 2040 to 2045.

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